The Department of Industry (DoI) is a newly established Government Agency (2011) under the Ministry of Tourism, Trade, Industry, Commerce and Ni-Vanuatu Business mandated to promote, facilitate, and support the growth of sustainable and value added industry in Vanuatu and to provide for related matters.

Under the Industrial Development Act, the DoI issues Industrial Permits and Duty Exemptions to local manufacturers or any person operating an industrial undertaking and internationally traded services in Vanuatu. 

We work in accordance with our newly launched National Industrial Development Strategy (NIDS) 2018-2022 with the vision to shape the future of value addition in Vanuatu. This industrial strategy proposes 35 projects grouped under 9 overarching programmes: 

  • Programme 1: Smart Trade
  • Programme 2: Seamless Trade Administration
  • Programme 3: Smart Investment
  • Programme 4: Vanuatu as a Brand
  • Programme 5: Drive MSME
  • Programme 6: Develop and Retain Talent
  • Programme 7: Support Infrastructure
  • Programme 8: Ignite Innovation
  • Programme 9: Governance & Monitoring 

Our main office is located at Montfort Street, George Pompidou Area in Port Vila, with provincial branches in Santo, Malekula, and Tanna.

Director Jimmy Rantes leads the Department with 15 (and growing) Permanent staff under his leadership.

National Industrial Development Strategy Vision

To fully unlock Vanuatu’s capabilities to compete in niche markets with outstanding quality of products and services at premium prices in a sustainable and inclusive manner