Our department consists of 5 divisions that are responsible for the following:


  • Planning and policy strengthening
  • Provides finance and administrative support 
  • Strengthen institutional capacity
  • Ensure effective workforce performance
  • Manage Department’s assets

Primary Industries Support Services

  • Coordinate and develop primary processing and value addition development programs
  • Formulate policies, strategies, programs to promote domestic industries and export development
  • Coordinate the Handicraft Sector Plan implementation
  • Coordinate the newly established handicraft market houses

Manufacturing Industries Support Services

  • Administration and Compliance of the Industrial permits and standards
  • Administration and Compliance of Import Duty Exemption
  • Administration and Compliance of Manufacturing Business Categories
  • Facilitate increase manufacturing activities for medium to large scale industries and value added Vanuatu made products
  • Coordinate the establishment and development of the Economic Development Zone programs in Vanuatu
  • Coordination of the implementation of value added projects

Marketing and Trade Promotion Support

  • Implement, monitor and review the implementation of the DoI Marketing Strategy 2018
  • Coordinate the 'Vanuatu Made' Brand project
  • Establish linkages between potential exporters with oversea buyers
  • Collaborate with other line-agencies to facilitate market access for rural producers
  • Maintain and update Department’s official website and social media online platforms
  • Produce marketing and promotional materials

Provincial Industries Extension Support Services

  • Provincial arms of the Department
  • Provide technical support to advance rural industries development
  • Facilitate establishments of cottage, small, medium to large scale manufacturing industries in the provinces
  • Ensuring potential SME’s are assisted in value adding business