Welcome to the provincial industries extension services division. This division has a role to implement the National Industrial Policy in the provinces thus enforcing the decentralization initiatives of the government. It is an extension arm of the department of Industry that provides usual government support of the department to the private sectors. Purposely, it will provide support in the implementation of specific programmes, policies/incentives, strategies and disseminate information on export procedures/requirements and the marketability of specific products within the primary processing industries as guided by the National Industrial Policy in collaboration with sectoral policies of the MALFFB. In most cases, programs developed by the primary industries, manufacturing industries and marketing and promotion divisions will be delivered through these provincial offices.


Key results areas:


1. To implement specific industry development programme in Penama Province

2. Introduce advocacy support program in the Province

3. Assist growers, cooperative producers and processors to set up small processing plants/units in the Province

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