Welcome to Livestock Industries development section. This section is responsible to coordinate, monitor and report on specific programmes, policies/incentives, strategies in regards to diversification of specific value added products within the livestock industry.
Since 80 percent of our population lives and are informally engaged in the agriculture sector, our role in promoting and implementing the National Industrial Policy is to promote and facilitate processing and or value addition of agricultural and livestock products at community and island level. Because of the geographical location of our islands, transportation to access markets are expensive therefore it is economically relevant to ensure that traditional and non-traditional export products are processed, value added in compliance to quality standards and facilitated to have equitable access to domestic and export markets. Our programs are delivered in collaboration with the Department of Livestock (DOL) and private sector stakeholders in the livestock industries.

Some of our programs includes the:

Smallholder Cattle Purchase and Trade Program (2011-2013): A transport subsidy program financially supported by the government to facilitate access of smallholder cattle farmers to domestic markets in order to build national capacity to supply domestic and export markets.
Small livestock sales (On-going): The Department collaborates with the Department of Livestock to organize regular livestock sales through organizing farm supplies, transport logistics and management of sales.


In summary, most of our services are delivered around promoting and facilitating establishment of agro-based manufacturing industries, product quality improvements and market access facilitation. A lot more programs are being implemented and planned for this sector, should you require further information and assistance, do not hesitate to contact Mr. Noel Kalo, Senior Industry Development Officer – Agriculture and Livestock Industries by email or call 23606/5565102


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